Professional Equipment

 Woodland Consultants, Inc. is well-equipped to provide high-quality professional services and printed documents efficiently and cost-effectively, including all reports, contract documents, specifications and drawings using the following equipment:

 In the Office: 


  • A network of computers and a wide variety of professional software including AutoCAD® 2010 and Eagle Point® 2010 enable WCI to do complex calculations quickly and produce drawings that are consistent in style from project to project.

  • For prompt communication with clients and associates, WCI relies on our email and Canon® fax machine to avoid costly delays and to deliver drawings on short notice.

  • Color inkjet and black and white laserjet printers are used to efficiently provide consistent high quality professional letters and reports.

  • With the Canon® NP6561, WCI can reproduce large professional quality reports or individual documents from letter size to 11”x17” quickly.

  • A wide-format Xerox® 6204 Plotter/Scanner/Copier enables WCI to plot or reproduce drawings in sizes all the way up to 36”x 48”. If you are near our office and need some extra plans printed, please feel free to call or drop in to save a trip out of the area.


 In the Field and on the Jobsite: 


  • Our field vehicles carry our professional staff and scientific equipment to engineering, surveying and building design projects of any size, near or far.

  • Utilizing the Leica Geosystems® System 500survey quality GPS provides precise measurements within one tenth of a foot vertically and within hundredths of a foot horizontally. With county coordinate systems having a prominent and ever-increasing role in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the cost of providing drawings that are referenced to these coordinates is substantially reduced by the use of modern survey-grade GPS equipment.

  • GPS is a great way to measure between things that are in the open, but survey-grade GPS measurements can not always be achieved in heavily wooded areas or close to buildings, so the WCI survey staff can often be seen looking through the scope of a WILD® TC1010 electronic total-station.

  • Line-of-sight measurements made with a total-station are stored in a TDS® Ranger data collector and then downloaded to a computer for analysis and use in drawing production. The Rangeris also a powerful hand-held computer that can be used anywhere for complex surveying and design calculations.


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